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NOTE: Happy Holidays and Happy New year. Please thank of our aniaml companions during this time on gifts and giving. We thanks those who have already given and encourage others to give Click here.

NOTE: Special thanks to everyone for your donations this last year. We appreciate all the help that we recieved, however we are looking to expand our abilities and need your help to spread the word. Join our mailing list or Click here to read more and see donation options.

Your donations to Animal Disaster Rescue Fund (ADRFund) help us provide lifesaving care and assistance to animals in natural disasters around the world.


What We Do

We are a non-profit group with a focused mission statement: We respond to disasters such as floods, fires, tornadoes, and hurricanes and other events that put animals at risk. Once we decide to respond to an emergency, we do so within 24 hours with urgently needed supplies and expertise that help protect animals caught in the midst of life threatening chaos. We commit to staying as long as needed to provide help and assistance. We will be at the disaster event with lifesaving supplies (such as food, water and shelter), and medical assistance for animals that have become helpless victims. Unlike other relief organizations, we concentrate our efforts exclusively upon helping animals caught in disasters.



Current Fund Raising Activities

Our goal is to provide assistance in the most efficient way possible.

Please spread the word to your friends and family that Animal Disaster Rescue Fund is here to help! We had a small number of donations this last year, and it helped us provide assistance to tornado effected areas in the northwest. However, we would like to be more effective and ready for the next disaster. Donations are a great way to help, but there are also many other ways that you can be a part of our efforts! Stay informed by joining our mailing list, or sign up to be an on-call volunteer! and thanks again for your support!

One of our other current projects includes assembling a fleet of first response vehicles in order to be poised to more immediately engage in disaster situations. These vehicles will be equipped to transport a response team with all the needed supplies to help rescue and protect animals in distress. This fleet of vehicles will be situated at the frontline of a disaster event and will provide food, water, bedding, medical attention, and other supplies that are needed to help threatened animals survive. Animal guardians will be able to access our response vehicles directly for supplies. Our team of specialist will also aid in the rescue of trapped or stranded animals to help bring them to safety. Your special contribution will help us get this fleet of response vehicles ready to engage in the next emergency.


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Be asuured that 100% of the funds we recieve go to support our relief efforts.

Anything will help, thanks.

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On-Call Volunteer Sign-UP

When we respond to different locations around the country, volunteers are needed and much appreciated. If you are interested in signing up on our volunteer list in order to help when a disaster occurs, please complete the form below (or send us email at When a disaster is in your area we will contact you to aid in our efforts. Thanks for your help.

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